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Living a fake life in today’s world is not new and it is shocking how people don’t stop with the fake life but still extend it to professional platforms such as LinkedIn.   
It surprising at times to see people with fake profiles or stories on LinkedIn and you are just wondering why living a fake life on a professional platform.  
There are different reasons people engage in such acts and discussed in this article are reasons people post fake stories or profiles on LinkedIn.   
A major reason some individuals may decide to post fake stories or profiles on LinkedIn is in order to get the attention of potential employers and fellow employees on the professional platform.   
When some individuals see others posting stories and job offers that attract professionals to their profile, they feel pressured to do the same in order not to feel left out.  
The rate at which some individuals post stories and update their profiles on LinkedIn can make some people feel under pressure to do the same.   
Having a detailed and professional profile filled with your abilities, professional experiences and an active account is one of the criteria that makes you visible to prospective employers and increases your chances of getting employed on LinkedIn.   
Thus, this fact may make some individuals add activities and skills they don’t have in a bid to increase their visibility on LinkedIn.   
The absence of fact-checking features on LinkedIn makes it easier for people to post fake stories or profiles.   
Should LinkedIn get features to check the credibility of people’s profiles and stories then an end may come to the fake life on the platform.   

Everything about some individuals is fake, so it is not surprising to see the individuals extending their fake life to LinkedIn.   
The gradual decline in contentment as a virtue in today’s world and the desire to show off, especially amongst young professionals is another factor that will keep fueling the influx of fake stories and profiles on LinkedIn.   
People also post fake stories and profiles on LinkedIn because they want to appear most qualified for job opportunities than their counterparts.   
Employers in some interview sessions ask for the username of their applicants on different social media platforms especially their LinkedIn accounts in order to see their activeness and social relevance on such platforms.   
This, therefore, is another reason people decide to post fake stories and profiles on LinkedIn in order not to miss such job opportunities.   
To avoid posting fake stories or profiles on LinkedIn, read up on all you need to know about LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network   
Regardless of the reason people give for posting fake stories or profiles on LinkedIn, the fact still remains that whatever you get using dubious means will never last. Choose to be real and true to yourself and others and see things work out for you because of your sincerity.  
Always remember that Rome wasn’t built in a  day, so those you see posting on LinkedIn did not start in a day. Give yourself to the process of growth and look forward to becoming the best at what you do.    
To help reduce the rate of fake profiles and stories, read up on how to report fake profiles   

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