Why I've Grown to Love LinkedIn, and Why You Should Too – Inc.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about what you should do as soon as you connect with someone on LinkedIn. The feedback on that article has been great, but one person replied to that article asking me a very interesting question, “Why should I even spend time on LinkedIn with all the other social networks?”
It’s a valid question so I figured I’d answer him. Here are five reasons you should double down on LinkedIn. 
While I am a huge fan of Twitter and several of the other social platforms, each one of them has a ridiculous amount of noise. Whether it’s tweets and posts about politics, pictures of food, random thoughts, and other things, at times it gets very overwhelming. 
LinkedIn has positioned itself as the leading professional social network, which manifests in the fact that there is a whole lot less irrelevant content in my feed compared to other platforms. While this obviously depends who you are connected to, most people don’t post content that’s not professional, which means that my feed is more valuable and has more potential to help me grow professionally compared to any other platform.
So if you’re on the market for a new job or are just interested in networking in an effective way, LinkedIn should definitely be your starting point. 
A few days ago, for a project I am working on, I had to get to a bunch of thought leaders in the enterprise space. In about one hour, and without any previous relationships, using LinkedIn, I got to some major enterprise influencers by simply reaching out on LinkedIn. 
The brilliant feature of showing you who your connections are, whether it’s first connections or second connections, with very little work, you are pretty much able to access anyone in your space. If you’re active on LinkedIn and have a complete profile, this becomes even easier. 
I am very active on basically all leading social networks including Facebook, I mean Meta, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 
While I get decent engagement on all those platforms, LinkedIn blows all of them out of the water.
I regularly get over 100,000 impressions on my LinkedIn posts, and that is without spending a cent promoting them. I’m talking about totally organic traffic.  
While they are on the opposite side of the spectrum in terms of demographic, the only other platform that, in my experience, has that level of organic engagement is TikTok. 
Maybe Microsoft, that owns LinkedIn, should consider buying TikTok, if the latter would agree to be acquired, that is. 
In addition to the easily ability to access people through the messaging component on LinkedIn, what’s interesting is that even if someone is not in your network or connected with someone in your network, the etiquette on LinkedIn encourages connecting with people you would otherwise have no access to. 
In this way, LinkedIn is similar to Twitter with the primary difference being a one way connection on Twitter versus a two way connection on LinkedIn. 
By now, all the social platforms have copied Twitter by adding a Follow button, but like Facebook, the two way connection is the primary way people connect on LinkedIn and with a little creativity, you can gain access to almost anyone. 
This is an interesting point. Many people think of LinkedIn as this mature network that isn’t evolving anymore. They would be very wrong. 
LinkedIn is constantly adding new features to accommodate its user base. It’s important to mention that the LinkedIn experience is significantly better on desktop as opposed to mobile.
Whether that’s author profiles, which is comparable to getting verified on Instagram, or enabling LinkedIn Live, which is still only available by invite only, the platform is constantly evolving and I’d recommend getting on that train, because it has been and continues to be a fun ride. 
Many people underestimate the power of LinkedIn and while they might have a profile, it is mostly passive, which is a missed opportunity, and a huge one at that.


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