‘They had me driving propane tanks and explosive barrels in a van’: TikToker shares Indeed job horror story, prompting discussion about unsafe working conditions – The Daily Dot

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Rebekah Harding
Posted on Aug 9, 2022
A TikToker shares the job he got “mixing chemicals” on Indeed, prompting other users to share their own experiences working for jobs they applied to on the popular online job board.
In the video posted by user Loaf Bread (@loafyb) on July 28, he shows a clip inside the manufacturing site where he allegedly works. In the video, he wears a shower cap, a detail he confirmed in the comments section.
“I got to stop applying on Indeed, bro. Why am I at a job mixing chemicals and putting them in pills and mixing protein powder and this and that,” he says in the video. “Tomorrow I got an interview to be a firefighter. I got to get off Indeed. Look at my eyelashes!”
The text overlay reads, “I’m staying off Indeed for now on [sic].” According to one of his comments, his face is dusted white because of the chemicals he was mixing.
The video has reached over 1.9 million views as of Tuesday, with commenters sharing their own Indeed stories.
“They had me driving propane tanks and explosive barrels in a van,” one user wrote.
“I got hired through text ! Only seen my supervisor once,” another said.
“Bro I was a bill collector and a body shop technician all within the same week. No experience in either,” a third added.
Other users said they haven’t received as many interviews through Indeed.
“I’ve applied to hundreds of jobs through indeed and only got a call from chipotle,” a commenter shared.
“I applied to like 20 jobs on indeed. I didn’t hear back from one yet,” another said.
Other commenters were concerned for the creator’s safety, as he seemed to only be wearing a hair net in the original viral clip.
In a follow-up video, the TikToker replies to someone asking whether he wears a mask on-site.
“Oh, I got a mask on. But the mask not protecting nothing!” he says in the clip while wearing a respirator mask. In this video, his clothes are covered in white powder.
Some users pointed out the mask doesn’t even have any filters on and urged the creator to call the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to file a complaint. The TikToker wrote in the comments he might do just that.
“Bro is that why even when I got it on I still smell the stuff?? Bro I’m suing,” he wrote.
The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker and Indeed via email.
Rebekah Harding is a freelance reporter for the Daily Dot. She has digital and print bylines in Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, SheKnows, and more.
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