Pandemic pets drive jobs boom – Vet Practice magazine

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New research by global hiring platform Indeed has revealed the number of jobs posted for animal services and care has increased almost 60 per cent in the past three years, including a 190 per cent rise in non-veterinarian roles, owing to over a third of Australian households adopting a pet during the pandemic.
And with a further 15 per cent confirming they have also considered becoming pet owners, demand for talent in the pet care sector is only set to rise.
From doggy day care workers and animal groomers, to alternative animal therapy practitioners, the scope for employment in the animal sector continues to broaden as people search for new ways to care for and pamper their pets. 
Another factor is that pet owners are returning to the office and want their pet to be well cared for in their absence.
While demand for pet care services has boomed, job adverts for animal medicine roles have been falling. Job adverts for veterinarians, veterinary surgeons and nurses are the most common jobs in animal care, comprising almost one third of jobs available, yet the number of job postings for the sector in January to April this year was 38 per cent lower than the same period three years ago. This compares with a 190 per cent increase in non-veterinary animal-based roles over the same period. 
“As we welcomed new pets into our homes during the pandemic, Australians’ demand for pet care services increased,” said Callam Pickering, senior APAC economist at Indeed.
“This trend underpinned a huge rise in the number of job ads for pet care and services on Indeed’s website.
“Unsurprisingly Australians value, love and spoil their pets. They’ve been a reliable source of companionship, and a distraction from what might have been long periods of lockdowns.”

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