Over 15,000 persons apply for traffic management jobs in Oyo – Tribune Online

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Tribune Online – Breaking News in Nigeria Today
Over 15,000 persons applied online for various positions in the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Agency (OYRTMA).
Chairman, OYRTMA, Dr Akin Fagbemi, disclosed this while addressing a press conference, at the state Secretariat of the agency, on Monday.
He, however, said just over 2,000 had submitted a physical acknowledgement page to the agency.
He further made it known that priority would be given to volunteers who are also known as OYRTMA Mayors who applied.
Speaking, Fagbemi assured fairness and equity in the ongoing recruitment of officers for the Agency.
Fagbemi said: “For the number of applications, for those that applied online they’re over 15,000 but you know it does not end online, you also need to go through a process, submit a physical acknowledgement page to the agency and we got over 2,000.
“With regards to recruitment process based on qualifications, it going to be 20 per cent graduate, 30 per cent of those with OND and NCE and then 50 per cent of those that are school leavers because we really need those who are going to do the job.”
“Based on our mandate, we have two areas of recruitment. We do have those who are recruited directly who are officers. We also have those who are volunteers and for the volunteers, we call them Mayors.
“These are people who have what they are doing but also want to contribute their own quota too. But, for us that will be paid by the government, we’ve segmented it and the reason we do not want to say this is the number of people is this. Number one, it is an elastic organisation where the number of recruitment is based on the increase in population. Just like what his excellency has told us, the demands of increase will also affect the recruitment process.
“So what we are doing now is we have a certain percentage that we want to first inject not only to a particular area, we are also going to base on what we call community traffic management system and under this system, we are going to recruit officers from each community, they will work within that community together with the Mayors. So you now have those Mayors by the side and you know we do have them a lot.
“So if I should give a particular number, it means we are not going to accommodate the Mayors but I can assure you that we are going to have enough officers that will meet the demands with regards to traffic control. So just expect continuous engagement through engaging volunteers and also based on his excellency approval those who are going to be recruited. So very soon you will get the figure,” Dr Fagbemi assured.
He added that the OYRTMA conducted the recruitment exercise was in meeting the need of the agency for more hands for traffic control and reducing traffic congestion.

Fagbemi said the next phases of the recruitment process is to commence soon.
According to him, “Two weeks ago, we had a recruitment programme been supported by his excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde. You may recall that several times people have asked that OYRTMA needs more manpower and his excellency approved that and we’ve gone through the process.
“Let me state here that we appreciate the state government and his excellency Governor Seyi Makinde for being magnanimous to this agency having seen that there’s a need through the demands of the people for more manpower and more hands for the agency to fulfil its mandate. OYRTMA basically is to ensure that we work on traffic control within the state, we help to reduce traffic congestion and also rescue operations.
“You should be aware of the upsurge in population within the state. There’s a drastic increase within the state and vehicular movement. This is not just because of the good governance of his excellency but also when you have a state where you have relative security within the state and the economy growing, a lot of people moving here and there, geographically the location of the state has also affected the system. Hence, there is a need for us to get more hands. So, we started the recruitment and it ended on January 28, 2022.
“Let me say here that we appreciate the teeming youths who have applied. So far we now have thousands of people even though we might not be recruiting that large number because we have limited recruitment approval. For now, it is going to be in batches and as time goes on, we will ask for more but for now, we have a certain number to recruit.
“Currently a lot has applied and that’s to tell you that we’ve raised the bar of governance through the activities of his excellency. This was an agency where people do not want to be part but under Governor Seyi Makinde, this agency has received a lot of boosts, a lot of encouragement, we’ve seen corporate organisations supporting us and we’ve also seen that the government itself has ensured that the officers and men are well taken care of.
“For those who have applied, I want to thank them and very soon we will move to phase two of the process. Do not forget that this is a para-military agency that requires certain parameters and fitness that you must go through. There will be physical exercise, medical checkups and all that. Please prepare yourself for that.
“And for those who are complaining about submission, you should know that everything that has a beginning has an end. We want to thank them, we know they are passionate and are willing to work but for now, we’ve closed the process and we will continue with the ones we have collected.
“For those who could not submit, we plead with you to be patient and we believe that opportunities within the agency will always come. His excellency will always be magnanimous with that. Please do not be agitated, we know you want to serve the state but for now, what we can accommodate is what we’re going to do.
“For those who have submitted, I promise we will pick the best of the best and we’ll ensure that there’s fairness and equity in the process. We’re not going to be the only one involve in this, we have other sister agencies, ministries within the armbit of the law that brought up the organisation that will be involved in the process.
“For those who have been with us, we call them OYRTMA Mayors, most of them too have applied, we will also give them priority but on condition that within the period of serving voluntarily, you’ve behaved yourself, not found wanting and not found to have any misconduct as it were. These are the criteria we are going to look at.
“We’re dealing with the public and for such, we need people who are responsible, hardworking, people who can represent the agency in a way that won’t bring negative repute and image to the state.”
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Over 15,000 persons apply for traffic management jobs in Oyo
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Over 15,000 persons apply for traffic management jobs in Oyo

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