How to utilize micro-influencers in your SME in 2022

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How to utilize micro-influencers in your SME in 2022

Influencer marketing has been a buzzword for some time now, and it seems to be developing unique tiers with time. One of the tiers of influencer marketing that seems to be doing pretty well for promoting an SME is by using micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are content creators who have a medium-range following on social media. They are the ideal candidate to help you connect with current customers and generate new leads for your brand. 

Using these influencers can produce a lot of benefits for your brand, but the most important of which is increased brand awareness. Here, we explore all that concerns micro-influencing, and how SMEs can benefit from micro-influencers in 2021.

Who is a micro-influencer?

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Micro-influencing is a method of digital marketing that supports SMEs with a small marketing budget to reach their target customers. It employs the same method as other kinds of influencer marketing, by leveraging a creator’s influence to promote businesses and services on social media. 

However, micro-influencers have a smaller reach than macro-influencers. While this might sound counterproductive, micro-influencing has several features that small enterprises should utilize.

Micro-influencers have a follower-base of between 10,000 to 100,000 people, which is relatively small on some media platforms. These influencers effectively manage the small community of people in a specific niche.

Owing to the somewhat personal relationship these influencers have with their audience, it’s easier to get quick responses to call-to-actions and other marketing posts.

The beauty of content creators in the micro-influencing group is that they are hardly generalists. In other words, these people are known to be part of specific industries. For instance, it’s easy to find micro-influencers on Instagram who focus on lifestyle. 

What this means, is that SMEs in the food or hospitality industries can easily find influencers who review hotels, restaurants, bars, and pubs. Regardless of their sector, these creators have a strong fan base that trusts them and is willing to engage with their posts.

Why should you work with a micro-influencer?

Micro-influencing doesn’t falter regarding effective niche marketing. On the contrary, it is one of the most efficient marketing techniques that promise great leads that convert. By 2022, it is estimated that micro-influencing will become a 15 billion industry. So, what are the benefits you stand to gain from working with micro-influencers?

Micro-influencers are affordable

Unlike other forms of digital marketing for SMEs, micro-influencing is cost-effective. Instead of paying a large sum to a macro influencer, it is best to work with several micro-influencers in your sector for your business promotion. Now, you won’t only chase leads via one outlet; rather, you have several at your disposal. Also, marketing on such a scale makes it easier for smaller businesses to find a spot in their competitive niche.

Micro-influencers have a strong base on Instagram

Instagram is a social media network that allows influencers to grow their audience organically. It offers a platform to build a strong relationship with your audience by offering relevant content. Not just this, Instagram has a wide database system with millions of people searching for one thing or the other.

A micro-influencer with a strong community can advertise on this platform and still reach thousands who are not following their page. With such exposure, your business automatically gets in front of potential customers who are interested in what you offer.

Micro-influencers have a higher engagement rate

Research has shown that the more followers an influencer has, the lower the engagement rate on Instagram. The rule applies vice versa, which means that the lower the followers, the more the engagement. Micro-influencers fall into the latter category as they work to maintain a steady community than grow a large fan base. 

Thus, they tend to get more reactions to an advertisement or marketing post. Your business can benefit greatly from this as you’ll get faster results in a short period.

Focused marketing

Micro-influencers are inclined to focus on a particular niche. A good example is influencers who focus on hospitality services. These individuals will be pleased to market or review your bar, pub, and food creations on their platform. They might go out of their way for products like household cleaners but won’t explore them far because of their audience. 

Diversity is indeed dynamic, but a focused market directs the right customers to your SME.

Micro-influencers are willing to work with small businesses

The larger an influencer’s audience, the more selective they are of the businesses they promote. They tend to prefer bigger enterprises with a name in the market than smaller ones. 

In contrast, micro-influencers are more willing to promote new businesses, brands, and services. They offer quality services and give feedback on the progress of their advertisement.

What to look for in a Micro-influencer

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Before employing the services of a micro-influencer, there are certain factors to consider. We explain these factors below.

Quality content

One can never overhype the power of quality content. Catchy phrases for Instagram influencers go a long way to attracting the interest of users. Thus, a micro-influencer should know how to utilize their audience base with good content.

Related marketing niche

Micro-influencers focus on a specific niche. It could range from tourism to beauty products, cars, and lifestyle. If your business offers catering services, then find a micro-influencer in that category. Don’t opt for micro-influencers who offer content that is in indirect contrast to your service. The effect will be the opposite of what you’d expect from influencer marketing.

Engaging platform

In general, rooted micro-influencers have engaging platforms, but some are more interactive than others. More engaging platforms mean that more people will have an interest in what you offer.

How to find micro-influencers

Finding micro-influencers for your SME only entails you using the internet or other search tools. The first place to look for a micro-influencer is a social platform. Start by surfing through your accounts on any network. 

Keep an eye out for individuals with a considerable number of followers who have a good engagement rate. Micro-influencers might not announce themselves, but you can tell from their portfolios and posts. On Instagram, you can search using hashtags related to your business.

If you don’t find this convenient for your SME, you could post adverts on your media page to search for one. This could also narrow your search provided you specify the requirements you need.


2022 holds promising advancements for micro-influencing and digital marketing. If you own an SME, take advantage of micro-influencers to grow your business exponentially.

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