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LinkedIn is introducing a new way to drive website traffic by including clickable links in photos.
LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature that allows users to add external links to photos shared in posts.
This gives you another way to drive traffic to your website from your business’s LinkedIn page or your personal profile.
Geri Silver, Creator Manager at LinkedIn, shared an example of the new link sticker. In the screenshot below, you can see how a link can be added on to any photo:
Influencer marketing specialist Lindsey Gamble shared multiple screenshots of LinkedIn’s new feature on Twitter. The link sticker can vary in size and even be placed on top of videos:
🚨 NEW 🚨 : @LinkedIn is rolling out the ability for creators to add a clickable link to their images and videos on mobile.
As a result, creators can make their content more actionable and drive traffic to their desired URL.
— Lindsey Gamble (@LindseyGamble_) August 4, 2022
It doesn’t look like there’s much variety when it comes to the design of link stickers, though the linked text is customizable. You can always add some emojis to avoid having the same generic-looking stickers on everything.
You can add link stickers to your photos and videos via the post creation tools in the LinkedIn mobile app.
You cannot add link stickers through the desktop interface. However, users on any platform can see and click on the links when they see the posts in their feed.
1Link stickers are rolling out to users in phases, which means some people will have access to it before others.
When you’re eligible to use it, you’ll see a chainlink icon button when creating a post in the LinkedIn mobile app.
Source: LinkedIn
Featured Image: Tada Images/Shutterstock
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