How small businesses can use influencer marketing

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How small businesses can use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing develops simultaneously with the growth of social media platforms. Several years ago, the only influencers we had in the market were entertainment celebrities or popular politicians. However, digital marketing has grown to become quite popular among regular individuals.

Several businesses in the hospitality sector, like pubs, bars, hotels, and others, employ influencer marketing to boost the growth of their online audience. But, how can smaller businesses use influencer marketing to expand their customer base? This article answers this question and gives adequate information on all you need to know about influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing simply involves the use of social media influencers to market a product or a service. These influencers must have a medium to a large following on any platform on the internet, which could be a website, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Unlike celebrities, an influencer could be a random person focusing on a specific niche.

Social media is one of the global platforms where people can have fun and extract useful information. With its broad reach, millions of people have started advertising and marketing products on social media platforms.

Some individuals build up an audience over whom they have strong influence and prompt them to buy or use a product or service. People with such a broad audience are called influencers.

Benefits of influencer marketing for a small business

There are several reasons many companies have taken to influencer marketing. We discuss these benefits below.

Increases brand awareness

The sole aim of marketing is to sell your brand to as many people as possible. Influencer marketing achieves this in a number of ways and always yields positive results.

Increases sales

More customers mean more sales, and more sales lead to growth. Once you have a better customer base and offer quality services, your business will continue to expand.  

Develops long term relationships

Customer-seller relationships are not always short-term. With the right treatment, customers that influencer marketing draws to you will keep coming back. This would further develop a healthy relationship between both parties.

Producing new and entertaining content is one of the best ways to draw the attention of people. Professional influencers who are acquainted with the internet market produce engaging content that keeps driving customers to you.

It affects customer purchase decisions

A good influencer doesn’t only drive interested individuals to your platform; they prompt them to try out your offers. Several of these people have influencers as role models and trust what they recommend. For instance, if you just opened a new pub, an influencer could take a photograph while sipping a martini. One post and a simple prompt line will have people wanting to try out your services.

Faster results

In business, timing is essential, especially when marketing new products to the public. Influencers use the best campaigns to get your message across to several individuals who might be interested in what you offer. This will get you faster results than a regular online advertisement.

Influencer marketing for small businesses: How to choose influencers

Branding and marketing

Influencers are everywhere on the Internet. You can find them on popular social networking sites. But, before you employ the services of any, there are some things you should look out for:

The brands they market

There are different influencers who use their influence to market different products. Some might focus on the beauty niche; some on entertainment; others might prefer the hospitality services. Ensure that your business product or service falls in line with what an influencer promotes.

The number of followers they have

One of the major things to look out for on an influencer’s page is the number of followers. It would help if you compared this to the number of individuals they follow. Influencers with a strong base have several followers with a higher percentage compared to those they follow.

For a small business, you should look for influencers with less than 5,000 followers. Influencers with a wider coverage tend to be picky and might not be willing to work with smaller businesses.

Active engagement

Although followers are important, these followers must be active on their page. Not just that, the influencer has to be one that posts regularly to draw in the audience they have.

Influencer marketing for small businesses: Where to find Influencers

An influencer marketing a product

Finding an influencer is easy using any of the methods below.

Use a social media platform

Influencers promote businesses on several social platforms. With sponsored advertisements, their content is usually the high-ranking ones, placed strategically where a large audience can view.

On networks like Instagram, they have a high level of organic followers, and their posts get higher views than a regular person. As much as it isn’t difficult to find influencers on social platforms, it can be overwhelming.

Other network platforms like PeopleMap simplify this job by connecting you with upcoming and professional influencers depending on your preference.

One benefit of using this platform is that you have the assurance that these individuals have genuine influence in the online market. Several companies prefer this when looking for influencers for their business promotions.

Check out businesses in your niche

This might seem like you’re prying, but discovering the influencers your competitors use is an effective way to find one. It doesn’t mean that you have to use the same influencer to market your business. It only gives you a clearer picture of the influencer you should hire.

Place adverts

While this is the least recommended way of finding influencers, it is also effective. You can place these adverts on any active social media group or page and wait for responses.


If you never gave much consideration to influencer marketing for your small business, this article should be the reason you should. Aside from the list of benefits it has, it saves you the mental stress of trying to promote your business. 

Besides, influencer marketing is constantly developing. Soon, it would be the best way to advertise your business offers. 

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