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By Cosmas Omegoh
Online marketing platform Jumia has handed out tips to help job seekers to avoid scammers, warning them to shun invitations by unverifiable agencies and never to attending interviews for jobs they did not apply for.
In a short message, the platform said: “The process of job hunting takes time, effort and willpower. Sometimes, job applicants can get desperate and apply anywhere that seems promising, even accepting suspicious interview invitations without a proper background check on the organization or a basic review of the sender, job title, and description.
“These little details can be the difference between falling into the hands of scammers and, worse still, kidnappers.”
He organization advised that “while it is important to move forward with your career, one needs to be careful to avoid scam recruitment.”
It gave out tip to job seekers saying: “There are a few things young graduates can do when they get an email or message about a job opportunity.
“Firstly, run a quick background check. This should not take you more than 10 to 15 minutes.
“Then, check the company’s name and website, and run a check on the sender’s name and email. Typically, standard organizations publish job openings on their websites or verified third-party job platforms, so you should be wary if you get hiring information via a random broadcast on WhatsApp.”
It recalled that “recently, a piece of false hiring news was circulating via WhatsApp about a hiring manager at Jumia Nigeria recruitment for remote positions. A simple check of the contact details would show that it didn’t come from the company. Furthermore, a reputable company like Jumia wouldn’t be conducting its recruitment via WhatsApp messages.
“Secondly, it is advisable to stick to verified job platforms for information on job opportunities.
“LinkedIn, Jobberman, and JobMag are some platforms you can search on. Lastly, do not respond to or go for a job interview that you didn’t apply for. Ensure you carefully record all the jobs you applied for and note the consistency in the information shared and contact details.”

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