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The addition to the Service Pages offering will add a new layer of third-party credibility.
With 810 million users across 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn is unrivaled when it comes to professional networking. When used to its full capacity, LinkedIn is also an effective business tool that allows professionals to build their brands, promote their organizations, share ideas and even form new business relationships.
According to RingCentral, the professional services market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to over $8 billion this year. LinkedIn has made major investments to keep up, if not stay ahead, of the myriad growing sectors under the colossal professional services umbrella.
Back in 2019, LinkedIn introduced a Service Pages feature making it convenient for small businesses and freelancers to display their core services on their profiles. This feature makes service providers more discoverable through the platform and other search sites.
Recently, LinkedIn took it one step further. The platform introduced an exciting new feature for Service Pages users, giving them the ability to request ratings and reviews for their services and share these reviews with their LinkedIn networks. Business owners and service providers should consider adopting these new LinkedIn features to add an extra layer of third-party credibility to their LinkedIn presence. Here’s how:
1. Create a Services Page
To make use of the ratings and reviews feature on LinkedIn, you must first set up a Services Page. As LinkedIn explains, Services Pages are simply “dedicated landing pages that showcase your services and business at no cost.”
The feature works on a request and proposal model, meaning potential clients can contact service providers through submitting a project request. “Once a desirable proposal is received, the client and provider agree on the terms of the project and work is completed. Payment for project completion is done through the service provider’s typical process, outside of”
If you have not yet set up a Service Page on your profile, here is a step-by-step process derived from LinkedIn Help:
2. Request and manage reviews
Once you have a Services Page set up, you will receive 20 credits to request ratings and reviews from previous clients. Reviews are on a limited and invite-only basis, to prevent unscrupulous users from leaving baseless negative reviews. Take some time to consider which clients you would like to receive reviews from, especially if you offer multiple services.
Follow the simple steps below or go to LinkedIn Help to begin requesting reviews for your services:
Online reviews are an essential part of a business’s digital reputation and the purchasing process for many consumers. According to, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. With over 55 million registered companies on LinkedIn, adding reviews to your profile adds a layer of third-party credibility and the opportunity to distinguish your work from competitors on the platform.
Erin McLachlan is a public relations & content development Intern at Flackable. Connect with Erin on LinkedIn.

Topics: Social Media

Topics: Social Media

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