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With the high rate of unemployment and poverty in the country, Nigerians are looking for more ways to legally make money and recently, many Nigerians are tapping into the Creator Economy, one where anyone gets to monetize their knowledge, skill and expertise through selling digital products and building their audience.
Almost a decade ago, digital product creation wasn’t a revenue stream that was popular in Africa, especially in Nigeria, considering the bias that “Nigerians don’t pay for content”.
However, in recent times, making money from selling digital products like ebooks, courses, training, e.t.c has become mainstream as Nigerians are now making hundreds and thousands of dollars monetizing their knowledge via digital products, and has been championing this movement over the last 5 years.
Just as the name implies, digital products are intangible assets or pieces of media that you sell online. They typically do not have any physical form or need the inventory to be replenished. Digital products can be in any form: ebooks, online courses, downloadable music, checklists, reports, articles, webinars, services, etc.
The CEO and Founder of Selar, Douglas Kendyson said:
“We’re at a time where typical jobs are losing their value for the new generation. With the rise of the digital age, digital skills and jobs around these digital skills are taking the centre stage. Selar shines brightly in this space for anyone looking to capitalize on the creator economy via digital products and services.”
One of the misconceptions with digital products today is, the creator needs to be big, famous, or very popular to earn from it, but from their over 60,000 users, Selar says that’s wrong.
While they have the likes of Sisi Yemmie the famous food blogger selling her special cooking recipes and meal plan ebooks, or Fela Durotoye selling his Speak for gold course, they’ve recorded many other amazing success stories of digital product sellers, e.g An Undergraduate that made 500k in a month selling her course on how to make hair, or another first time author that wrote an ebook about her house hunting experience in Lagos and made a killing from it.
The limit of what Nigerians are creating and monetizing via digital products is endless, and anyone can actually get started.
The creator economy of Africa is just in its infancy, and at Selar, their goal from inception has been to champion the growth of this sector considering how important it is for the general economic progress of Africa.
On the surface, Selar is a robust e-commerce store builder for creators to sell any kind of digital product or service. However, beyond that, they are empowering a whole new sector of Africans being able to monetize their knowledge and earn from selling digital products, something that wasn’t this easy to do before.
Just recently, Selar recorded over $1,000,000 paid to creators in 2021 and hit a new peak of over 60,000 users.
Founder and CEO, Douglas Kendyson said:
“This milestone of paying over $1,000,000 to African creators in 2021 is more than just a bragging right. For us, it means a million things; as a bootstrapped team of 9, building a product that serves this many people and giving them the means to earn a living in a way that they’ve never been able to, speaks volumes!
“It’s also great because Africans are the ones paying other Africans for these digital products, so indeed, Africans pay for content. We’re very passionate about people monetizing their knowledge via digital products and services, and it’s a very exciting feeling to watch this industry grow to what it is today, so this milestone clearly validates our mission.”
Looking at the state of economic matters in Africa, it’s very important that Nigerians start looking for ways to monetize their knowledge not just locally but internationally, and that’s what Selar is all about.
You can go to and sign up for free and start selling your digital products and services. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up on Selar.
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