How Jobberman is Empowering Northern Youths for a Greater Future – THISDAY Newspapers

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Jobberman, Nigeria’s leading recruitment platform has released a documentary titled ‘Upskilling the North’, which showcases the impact of its Soft skills training on young Nigerians in the north (Kano and Kaduna) and the multiplier effect it has on communities.
The documentary details the stories of some of the beneficiaries of the training whose employability and professional careers have been boosted by the Jobberman Soft Skills training. It spotlights the inspirational stories of Engr. Khalilah Yahya Aliyu, Zekiya Garba, Sani Mohammed and Queen Matthews who have been equipped with critical tools, to help them transition into their new roles and increase workplace productivity.
Beyond aiding them in their professional quests, these participants also noted that the training program equipped them with multi-dimensional skills that could be applied across different areas of life. “I have learnt invaluable insights that have translated into better professional and personal relationships for me,” States Engr. Khalilah Yayha Aliyu. “For example, I usually didn’t think much about how I gave negative feedback. I just said it anyhow I thought it should be said. But by applying the sandwich method I learnt in the soft skills training, my feedback has been better received and more appreciated”.
For some of the participants, sharing the knowledge learnt from the soft skills training has been life-changing for them. “I’m glad to be a community change maker by teaching other people what I have been fortunate to learn through Jobberman’s soft skills training program,” states Zekiya Garba. “From the time of starting the program till now, I’m proud to say that I have been able to teach more than ten people -old and young- how to improve their job search by writing proper CVs.”
The training is part of the efforts of a partnership between Jobberman and Mastercard Foundation (a subset of the broader ‘Young Africa Works’ (YAW) to tackle youth unemployment in Nigeria. The partnership aims to train young people in Nigeria and enable them to secure dignified and fulfilling work by 2025.
Speaking on the documentary, Jobberman Head of Youth and Engagement and Learning, Innih Ikhide, stated that “We partnered with Mastercard foundation in 2020 with the sole mission of solving youth unemployment and empowering the Nigerian youths with the requisite soft and employability skills needed to thrive in the modern marketplace landscape. The success stories from the program that we have detailed in our ‘Upskilling the North’ documentary are very heartwarming and show just how much of an impact can be made when strategic partnerships are struck and powered by a positive vision. We look forward to achieving even much more and building strategic partnerships with key Northern stakeholders as we consolidate efforts towards widening the reach of our training program’s impact”
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