Freelancing with no experience: 9 ways to start today

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businesswoman in white shirt using her tablet computer

Starting freelancing might seem difficult especially if you have no experience. We’ve all heard of people quitting their jobs and becoming pro vloggers, freelance writers, social media managers and more.

But how do you actually do it?

Where do you find clients?

How do you deal with your first few jobs?

There are so many things to do before you can start making money freelancing, but if you follow the right steps, you can get it done in much less time. This blog will talk about the 10 practical ways you can start your journey freelancing with no experience.

Let’s dive right in!

How to start freelancing with no experience

freelancer in white shirt using her tablet computer
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Choose a niche

In freelancing, a niche is a specific area that you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in web design, then web design is your niche.

One good way to choose a niche is to choose something you are passionate about. That is very important when doing any kind of freelance work. If you are not passionate about what you are writing about, for example, your writing will be dull and uninteresting.

You will also find it difficult to be enthusiastic which might result in you experiencing writer’s block.

The second best way to choose a niche is to choose something with steadily increasing demand. This is important for two reasons.

First, the more common the niche you write in, the more demand there is for your writing in that area. Conversely, the less common your niche, the less demand there is for your writing in that area.

Second, the more demand there is for your writing in a particular niche, the more valuable your writing will be. You will find it easier to get more money for your writing when there is more demand for your writing in that particular niche.

Here is how to choose your niche:  

  1. Research your interest.
  2. Try to create an angle to set yourself apart.  
  3. Use Google Keyword tool to research the demand of your niche.  
  4. Check out what other successful freelancers are doing.  
  5. Once you experiment with few niches, then you will know that niche which suits you the best.

If you’re not an expert, make sure to learn more before venturing into the freelance space. There are several freelancing courses you can try ranging from freelance content writing to social media management

Consider interning

Most freelancers see interning as offering a free service to someone, but there is more to interning than that. Most professional freelancers take on interns to help with small tasks that they don’t have time for, like responding to emails, sending pitches, managing social media platforms, etc.

Some freelancers will even pay you as an intern because they know how stressful it is to be a freelancer. For example, outstanding students from our freelancing courses get immediate employment from our partners. You can seize this opportunity to develop your skill under the supervision of a professional.

Search on freelancing websites

simple workspace for freelancing at home
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As a first-time freelancer, you need to register with an online freelance marketplace to easily find clients who may need your services. There are so many freelance job websites, and these are some you can try as a beginner:

  • Problogger
  • Fiverr
  • We Work Remotely
  • Upwork
  • LinkedIn
  • People Per Hour

You can create an account on each of them till you find the one you’re comfortable with. Once you create an account, make sure to fill in your necessary details (you should complete your profile if you boost your chances of getting good jobs). You can also search for other freelancers that offer the same service as you and see how their profiles are set up so you can copy a thing or two.

Once your profile is professional-looking and is approved by the platform, you can start bidding for jobs. Platforms like Upwork will approve your account within 24 hours if your skill is in high demand.

Pitch your service

Pitching, in this sense, has to do with reaching out to businesses or clients that you know may benefit from your services. While sending the pitch, ensure you talk more about your client’s obstacles and needs and ways you can help them out rather than focusing more on your strength.

Get a website

a personal website for freelancing from home
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For you to start freelancing with no experience and grow your business, what you need is a professional freelancer website. Creating a website does not only make you look professional, but it also helps attract quality clients. There are so many things you need to keep in mind when creating a website; Hosting provider, domain name, choosing a theme, and selecting pages.

For you to create a website, you need a hosting provider. There are so many hosting providers, and you need to choose a professional host so you can have control over your content and not having your website shut down. One thing you shouldn’t forget while creating a website is getting a domain name. You can use your business name or your name for your domain.

Once you are done, install WordPress and move over to choosing your theme and site layout. Ensure your website has the following pages front page, about page, service page, portfolio, and contact page. You can view our previous article on how to create a website.

Create a dummy client project

Creating a dummy client project simply means you are trying to showcase what you think a potential client wants, which is another strategy to getting new clients. While creating these projects, it’s relevant to have in mind that you are doing this for a client, so you have to put in your best, so it suits the client’s taste.

Here’s how to create one

  • Pick a project you’re good at.
  • Create a couple of samples that you think your clients will be interested in (create different logo or flyer samples if you’re into graphics design)
  • Upload your work on free platforms in your niche – you can use Dribbble if you’re a graphic designer or Medium if you’re a writer. This is optional, but having your work on reputable sites can boost your chances of landing your first client.
  • Choose a portfolio building service like, or Contently.
  • Create your account, upload your samples and add a link to your freelance account

Offer free services

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If you want to start freelancing with no experience, you should consider offering some free services. You can provide free services to a few of your clients while still following the same process of offering paid service.

It is important to follow due process, either paid or free, to avoid being used. This is where contracts come in; either free or paid services must be bound by a contract, so clients don’t have to overstep their boundaries because you decided to render free service to them.

Network within your circle

The best way to start getting clients is when word goes out that you’re offering a particular service. How to do that? Recruit your friends, co-workers, family, classmates to help you spread the word. However, this tactic may only work when your circle is strong; that is when there are people within your circle that are well connected.

Utilize social media

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Another way to start freelancing with no experience and get clients is through social media. There may be potential clients just waiting for you to showcase what you can do. You can create an account for your business using Facebook and Instagram in the same vein utilizing your Whatsapp account to source for clients.

Once this is done, ensure to post your works often at the same time get your family and friends to help repost on their pages too. In no time, you’ll start getting many clients who require your services.

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