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I am unable to understand former PM Imran Khan’s ambiguous statement about “real freedom”. He claims that he believes in ‘real freedom’ and promises to give it to Pakistan. However, Imran didn’t say anything about ‘real freedom’ during his three-and-half years as PM. Pakistan is a nuclear power, which would have not been possible if Pakistan didn’t have ‘real freedom’. .ads_between_content{ height:auto; width:auto; clear: both; text-align: center; } .ads_between_content .story_ads{ } /*@media (max-width:600px){ .ads_between_content{ float:none; margin:0px auto; text-align: center; } }*/

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Although Pakistan has not performed well economically and is beholden to foreign donors, this is largely due to the mismanagement of rulers like Imran. Rather than bemoaning our lack of freedom Imran and others of his ilk would be better served by actually using the powers that our forefathers worked so hard to acquire to pass better economic policies.
Ejaz Ahmad Magoon
Doha, Qatar
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