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Researchers have come to the conclusion that talking to somebody about random things, for merely 4 minutes can be enough to know the person. Within a 4-minute conversation, you can get an understanding of the person’s personality, mood and even their IQ level. And this proves that indeed, the saying “First impression is the last impression” is not wrong.
As per the recent research of the University of Warwick, published in a journal called Plus One, you can gauge, just after a 4-minute conversation, the way the other person would behave in a number of different situations. The research took place with 338 participants, who first took a personality and IQ test and were then divided into two groups.
The members of group 1 could talk to each other for a period of 4 minutes while the members of the second group were not allowed to do so.
Results revealed that those who had talked to each other, could understand the other person’s IQ and personality better, when compared to those who did not.
According to researcher Professor Daniel Sagroi, we can understand, with the help of a conversation whether the other person is an introvert or not. He adds that we can even get an idea of whether the other person is helpful in nature or not.
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