Finally, a Viral Post Generator for LinkedIn posts so you can spend more time on #career #goals – The Guardian

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When comedian Jennifer Wong learned that AI was writing viral LinkedIn posts, she couldn’t resist going on a journey of discovery
I’m so humbled that the Guardian asked me to write an article about the LinkedIn Viral Post Generator. Humbled, but not surprised, if I’m honest, after so many years of grinding! #worthit
It’s a HUGE MILESTONE in my career to cover a story about AI that generates cringy viral posts for LinkedIn so you don’t have to (#winning). It just goes to show that if you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded 10 times over.
You can learn that from me – it’s my very own “inspirational advice” that I inserted into the generator. And it’s the reason that you’re thinking right now, “How am I still reading this?” and yet you cannot look away, such is the power of AI – just kidding, I am a real person writing this : )
It all began two days ago. I asked my editor if I could write an article about the AI generator invented by Tom Orbach using 100,00 real LinkedIn posts to teach it the language of inspirational cringe.
“Are you sure you’re ready to write about that?” she asked.
I have been blessed to have some wonderful editors throughout my career, but I couldn’t believe she was doubting me.
Straight away I told her, “I am.” And then I sat in front of her and wrote this article right before her very eyes.
Oh yeah. It felt amazing. I asked myself why.
Why did it mean so much to me to write about a website where you could type in your achievement and your words of advice, and then select a “cringe” level, after which a viral LinkedIn post would be generated?
Ordinary people get good ideas every day, but why was I blessed with THIS story idea?
I think I know the reason. Here’s why:
HR: There’s a two-year gap in your CV.
Me: Yes, I was studying a course in investment.
HR: Please elaborate.
Me: I was investing … in myself.
HR: Welcome to the company. We are here. Just like you.
See, when you invest in yourself, you don’t put up with editors questioning whether you’re not good enough to write about an AI generator for viral LinkedIn posts.
Because one day, after YEARS of putting up with this, it all changes.
Finally, now, for the first time in my life, I have the RIGHT MINDSET. Instead of writing about something else, I insist on writing this article. Not doing this earlier was my BIG MISTAKE.
Moral of the story? Don’t try to write like an AI generator if you don’t secretly believe you could be an AI generator. Just don’t.
As I begin to reach the end of this article, I am honoured and thrilled to announce that I have finished the beginning and middle of this piece.
There were countless others who began writing articles today, and yet – this is the piece you are reading!!!
Now, here’s the thing: I’m not special just because I wrote the introduction and the body of this article. Other people write introductions and bodies of articles too.
But I *am* unique because of my mindset: Be the AI you want to see in your viral post generator.
Only because of that, I got to where I am today. Yay me!
My advice as an influencer? Apart from asking lots of rhetorical questions? Write as if you are a bot. The rest will happen on its own.


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