19 best Microsoft Word add-ins for 2021

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Microsoft Word is widely used in almost all workplaces around the world. It’s a powerful tool, and when used to its full potential, it can be even more so. One example is add-ins, which allow you to access information on the internet quickly. For example, you can look up items on Wikipedia or Google Maps without leaving Microsoft Word. It will also make your documents and projects more functional and enjoyable.

You can turn Microsoft Word into a Swiss-army knife by installing dozens of add-ins that enhance Word’s powerful features, allowing you to be even more productive, effective, and creative when drafting and editing documents with the world’s most popular word processor.

How to download and install the best Microsoft Word add-ins

To download the best Microsoft Word add-ins you want, there are two basic options, and they are;

1. How to download add-ins from the Office Store

The Office Store can be accessed in the same way as any other website. The left-hand filters assist you in finding the best Microsoft Word add-ins you need. Check the ratings and read the reviews for each add-on. The best Microsoft Word add-ins will excel in both categories.

  • Select “Get It Now” from the drop-down menu.
  • Log in with your Microsoft account to AppSource.
  • Authorize Microsoft to install the add-in.
  • Pick the application for which you want to use it to continue the installation.
  • The add-in will appear on the Ribbon’s far-right side. A sidebar displays on the side of your document after you click the add-in button.

2. How to download add-ins from inside Microsoft Word

  • Go to the Ribbon > Add-Ins > Get Add-Ins.
  • Browse for and install add-ins using the Store pane. My Add-Ins will display a list of all installed add-ins.
  • Give Microsoft your permission to continue with the installation.

The add-in appears as a button on the Ribbon, just like it did when you downloaded it from the website. When you’re finished with an add-in, click the “X” button in the sidebar to close it.

Your Microsoft account includes both free and paid add-ins. After you’ve added them, the My Add-ins button on the menu will give you easy access to them. The window’s Manage My Add-ins link will also take you to a page with more information.

Selecting add-ins from a stock of over 2000 is a difficult task. But let’s take a look at a few that can be used by anyone, from a layperson to a white-collar worker.

In addition, the list focuses on free add-ins. A few great add-ins with free trials have been thrown into the mix to show how you can extend Word when your needs demand it. This article contains some of the best Microsoft Word add-ins, and it includes;

1. Wikipedia

It may be a thesis paper or a college essay. It is the world’s most famous encyclopedia and one of the best Microsoft Word add-ins to look for information. As a result, don’t go back and forth between your Word document and the browser.

The Wikipedia add-in can be used in conjunction with Word’s Researcher feature to help you double-check data and increase accuracy.

Key Benefit: Simplify the search for facts.

Cost: Free.

2. Writing Assistant

If English isn’t your first language, you should be grateful for any assistance. Writing Assistant is among the best Microsoft Word add-ins, a text checker that uses artificial intelligence to detect grammar mistakes. It claims to adjust to your situation and make recommendations.

To better your prose, use it in conjunction with Word’s own Grammar and Spell Checker.

Key Benefit: Improve your English with AI.

Cost: Free/premium.

3. Handy Calculator

It’s possible that you have a calculator on your taskbar. Handy Calculator, on the other hand, saves you a few seconds by working in a job pane alongside your open Word text. All popular functions are supported, as well as the normal memory keys for recalling any value stored in memory.

Use the Select button for fast cell calculations if you work a lot with Word and Excel.

Key Benefit: Like a built-in calculator for Microsoft Word.

Cost: Free.

4. Qorus

Qorus is one of the best Microsoft Word add-ins for creating business documents. It creates customized business documents such as requests for proposals, pitches, and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) using Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. Qorus has tools that enable you to quickly build new documents from templates, respond to queries with reusable material, and even collaborate on documents with a group.

Qorus is a stand-alone bid and proposal management system. If your company requires it, the benefits will outweigh the costs. A 14-day trial is available.

Key Benefit: Make business documents effortlessly.

Cost: Free to try. Additional purchases are required.

5. Pro Word Cloud

pro word cloud screenshot from the store

Any text or presentation will benefit from the addition of word clouds. If the text is thick, a word cloud may be used to verify the frequency of the main keyword. It can also assist your readers in understanding the main point of any text.

You may change the scale, fonts, formats, and color schemes of the word clouds.

Key Benefit: To visualize your text and get your point across.

Cost: Free.

6. DocuSign for Word

For sensitive documents, digital signatures have evolved into foolproof and legally binding verification methods. They are regarded as equivalent to actual signatures on paper documents in many countries. Use your Microsoft 365, Microsoft, or DocuSign account to log in. Email a completed copy of the signed documents, save them automatically in DocuSign, or collaborate on a cloud platform.

A free trial of DocuSign is available (sign and also send 5 documents with a Microsoft 365 account and 10 documents with a Microsoft account).

Key Benefit: To sign or request eSignatures for important documents without leaving Word.

Cost: Free to try. Additional purchases are required.

7. PDFfiller

Word is able to open and edit PDF files. However, lines and pages will split, so it’s not perfect. PDFFiller uses its own editor to open a fillable, printable PDF from OneDrive. Within Word, you can edit, sign, and share the files all from the same window.

Since you don’t have to download or upload files from your laptop, you can save a lot of time.

Key Benefit: To edit, sign, and share PDF files stored in OneDrive.

Cost: Free trial, $6.00/month after.

8. Symbol Search

To help you interact with symbols, Microsoft Word has a nice Icon gallery on the Ribbon. However, having easy access to more information is often beneficial. To find a specific symbol, use Symbol Search, which has a categorized lineup and a convenient search box.

Find the registered symbol, double asterisks, subscript numbers, and other symbols by selecting More (three-dot menu option).

Key Benefit: To search and use high-quality symbols in your documents.

Cost: Free.

9. MyScript Math Sample

Go to Insert > Equation in Microsoft Word. You can type it out manually or use the gallery of equations in Word (or use Ink Equation). Try the MyScript Math Example add-in right now if this sounds like a lot of work.

With a finger, a stylus, or the cursor, write an equation on the side panel. More than 200 symbols are supported by the add-on. Your input is immediately translated to a simple typed equation thanks to real-time handwriting recognition. It’s just more intuitive, and you can use it in conjunction with Word’s equation functionality.

Key Benefit: Works like a scratchpad.

Cost: Free.

10. Read My Document

Read My Document is a text-to-speech program that reads Microsoft Office documents out loud. When proofreading a text, it can be a helpful editing tool. To begin, select a voice and a speech pace.

You can also multitask by having it read a document as you work on something else. However, since the engine can send data over the internet, it should not be used for sensitive documents.

Key Benefit: Go easy on your eyes.

Cost: Free.

11. Emoji Keyboard

Add-ins for Microsoft Word should not be sober and somber. Why not add any colour to it with the Emoji Keyboard? Emojis, after all, are permanently imprinted on our digital tongues. And you have 1300 options to choose from with this keyboard.

If you need to give a culturally specific message, there’s even a skin tone modifier.

Key Benefit: Give your communication some colour.

Cost: Free.

12. Woodpecker

Legal documents should be uniform at all times. It not only makes them easy to grasp, but it also saves time when you need to reuse them. Woodpecker is a simple add-in that eliminates the hassle of having to recreate legal documents any time a small detail needs to be changed.

With your own account, Woodpecker offers safe document management and collaboration. Project managers may use this add-in to make their Word models more useful.

Key Benefit: To reuse your most important legal documents.

Cost: Free.

13. Lucidchart Diagrams for Word

A flowchart or a business process diagram may also help to simplify a complicated definition. This add-in for Word users is provided by Lucidchart, a market-leading app. To easily build your own diagrams, use the library of shapes and lines. The learning curve is relatively short.

Collaboration and version control are also supported by Lucidchart. You can get the add-in for free and make a limited number of documents with it. Upgrades must be bought separately.

Key Benefit: To draw flowcharts, mockups, mind maps, and business process charts easily.

Cost: Free with a limited number of diagrams.

14. Pickit

Pickit is among the best Microsoft Word add-ins for stock illustration platforms that can add beautiful images and clipart to your documents. Aside from PowerPoint designs, you can make powerful Word documents by interspersing text with a picture that sends a visual message.

The add-in is free to download, but premium features include a subscription after seven days.

Key Benefit: To find the right photo or clipart to use from a vast image bank.

Cost: Free for 7 days, afterward, $5.00/month.

15. Vertex42 Template Gallery

The default models in Microsoft Office are all the same. Vertex42 specializes in Word and Excel models, and it shows in the range of choices available.

The 431 documents are neatly grouped into categories such as family, educational, and technical models.

Key Benefit: To select from 300+ professionally designed templates for Word and Excel.

Cost: Free.

16. Font Finder

It’s shocking that a desktop publishing program like Microsoft Word lacks a sophisticated font management framework. You can’t, for example, save your favorite fonts. You may offer them styles, but only in a roundabout way. It’s a lot simpler with Font Finder.

Browse the categorized fonts using the add-in tab pad. Find the font you want to use and mark it as a favorite by clicking on the star. However, one minor flaw is that it seems to disregard fonts that aren’t included with Word.

Key Benefit: To select and save your favorite fonts.

Cost: Free.

17. I Should Be Writing

Writing is a lonely profession, and often all you have to reach for is a word count. By allowing you to set a word count target or a countdown timer, this simple add-in succeeds admirably.

A Write with Others option boosts your encouragement by displaying a real-time word count from other users or your team.

Key Benefit: It keeps you motivated with a timer and a word count tracker.

Cost: Free.

18. Get Maps

Are you using Microsoft Word to create an event flyer? Why not assist your guests by showing a small map that shows the exact location of the event? While Google Maps is available, this extra step saves everyone a few seconds.

The add-on helps you to change the map’s appearance and scale.

Key Benefit: Show locations on documents quickly.

Cost: Free.

19. Word Training and Tips

This add-in gives you access to the famous Microsoft Word course’s GoSkills “how-to” cheat sheets. Inside your Word document, you will get step-by-step instructions on formatting, styles, and more.

Key Benefit: Aid users to become better at using Microsoft Word.

Cost: Free.

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