Arsenal: Per Mertesacker's LinkedIn page surfaces and it is brilliant – GIVEMESPORT

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Per Mertesacker remains a popular figure among Arsenal fans, even after his playing career.
Becoming a Gunner in 2011, Mertesacker would become club captain and grow into a hugely influential figure at the club during an eight-year stay as a player, as well as a fan favourite.
He’s now back at the club and is in charge with managing Arsenal’s academy operations; a job with huge importance as he heads up the next generation of talent produced by the club.
It’s testament to his abilities and his status at Arsenal that he has been trusted with such a job, despite only retiring from the game in 2018.
Mertesacker is clearly someone who has a wise head on his shoulders and has prepared well for a life after hanging up the boots. For Arsenal to trust him with his current role – after trusting him with the honour of captaining the club for years – is testament to his personality and character.
What is rather strange, though, is when footballers try to act like ‘normal’ people despite being incredibly famous and handsomely paid while kicking a ball around for a living. Just stick with us, here.
Be it the more marketable stars trying to commodify themselves through endorsement deals, or more business-savvy players using their position to find work away from football, it all just looks a little bit funny when you take a step back.

Nothing is stranger, though, than seeing footballers use LinkedIn – the social media platform designed for professionals to network about all things work, jobs and careers. Seriously, what business does a professional footballer have sieving through LinkedIn job adverts?
It’s more understandable to find a lower league player making use of the handy website, but learning that Mertesacker – a three-time FA Cup winner, a World Cup winner and once an Arsenal captain – uses the site is rather hilarious.
The 38-year-old’s profile has been doing the rounds on social media this week after fans had unearthed his LinkedIn account and the details on it. In his bio he touched on the responsibilities that came with being Arsenal’s captain, revealing a rather hilarious story.
Check it out below.

Former Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker’s LinkedIn page.

“Once fined Nacho Monreal £10k for wearing a poncho on match day.”

😂😂 @mertesacker @_nachomonreal
Well, with great power comes great responsibility. And it appears Mertesacker had no intentions of shirking said responsibility.
Poor Nacho Monreal felt the full force of that. The force being a £10,000 fine, per the German’s LinkedIn.
We’re not quite sure exactly what Mertesacker is referring to by ‘poncho’ and can only assume Monreal had opted for a stylish effort that didn’t adhere to club uniform policies on matchday. If he was fined for wearing an actual rain poncho, designed to keep him dry, then we feel for him a little bit.
Also mentioned on Mertesacker’s LinkedIn is the fact that he had ‘developed excellent leadership skills’ having been a ‘senior figure at [the] club’, and the fact that he is a Bachelor of Pharmacy, having attended the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany. A handy bit of trivia for a pub quiz later down the line.
A further inspection at Mertesacker’s profile and you’ll find his ‘About’ section, which includes: “Known affectionately as the Big Friendly Giant amongst fans. World Cup winner.”
How many LinkedIn users can casually flex that they’ve won the World Cup? Very few. Fair play to you, Per. Fair play.
Journalism graduate, Manchester United and Scuderia Ferrari fan. Adult who still watches professional wrestling. Lover of tucked shirts, white sock tape and two-striker systems.
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