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Have you tried paying for something online but couldn’t because your Nigerian card no longer works? Yeah, I’ve been there as well. If you want to buy more Connects to bid on Upwork or need to renew your Canva subscriptions, virtual dollar cards are the way to go.

Getting virtual dollar cards in Nigeria is easy, and there are lots of options to consider.

Here are the cheapest virtual dollar cards in Nigeria to help you find the best option for your online payment needs:

What Are Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria?

A virtual dollar card in Nigeria is a digital version of a physical debit or credit card that is denominated in US dollars. It’s designed to facilitate online transactions, particularly for services or products that are priced in dollars. This is particularly useful when purchasing from international websites or platforms that may not accept the Nigerian Naira.

Virtual cards function just like physical cards in that they have a card number, expiration date, and a CVV code, but they exist only digitally and are typically managed through a mobile app or online banking platform.

Some of the fintech companies in Nigeria that provide virtual dollar cards include Grey, Chipper Cash, Geegpay, and Raven.

Virtual dollar cards fun fact.

How to Get a Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

The fastest way to get a virtual card in Nigeria is by accessing their mobile application platform. 

Since they’re called virtual dollar cards, you can’t have a physical card to support your transactions. Instead, you carry out these transactions directly from the app, which provides all the steps and banking details you’d need. 

Getting a virtual dollar card in Nigeria will require the following basic documents for proper verification upon app sign-up:

Documents to get a virtual card

  • Your full name, address, date of birth, and nationality;
  • Your e-mail address;
  • Your mobile phone number and, in certain circumstances, your mobile phone device’s identification number;
  • As proof of your identity, a copy of your valid passport or national identification card
  • As proof of your address, a copy of a driving licence, lease contract, recent bank statement or recent utility bill.

What Is the Cheapest Virtual Card in Nigeria

The cheapest virtual card in Nigeria is Chipper Cash. It’s the cheapest because you get a free virtual card upon signing up, plus this sign-up process is super easy and fast. With the Chipper Cash app, you can swiftly make online payments in USD, and their exchange rate is relatively lower than other options.

Which App Has Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria

Many virtual apps are available to make payments in currencies other than the Nigerian Naira. Here’s a list of the most active virtual dollar cards in Nigeria and their features:

1. Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash virtual dollar card

Creation fee: N1,000 for an NGN virtual card and N3,000 for the USD card

Available card: Visa

3D-secure: Yes

Chipper Cash is not only the cheapest virtual dollar card in Nigeria; it’s also one of the easiest to create. Chipper Cash offers its virtual card service in partnership with UBA, making transactions faster. This partnership also allows your Dollar card to carry a Nigerian address, making it easy to verify your location on payment platforms that require it for extra security. 

Chipper Cash virtual cards cannot be accessed through the web. So, you’ll need to download the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Funding your card is also easy, as Chipper Cash offers Nigerian bank account numbers through 9Payment Service Bank.

2. Payday

Creation fee: $5

Available cards: MasterCard and Visa for Dollar; Visa for Naira

3D-secure: No

Payday is another virtual card service provider in Nigeria. Although new, this provider is known for offering some of the cheapest exchange rates in the business. 

Getting a Payday card is also seamless. However, it comes with a $5 creation fee. Plus, you can’t withdraw from the card once you deposit—so ensure you only load the amount you plan to spend on online transactions.

3. Pocket App

Creation fee: $5

Available card: Visa

3D-secure: N/A

Pocket App was created by PiggyVest. Apart from being a shopping platform, Pocket App also provides a virtual card for online payments in Nigeria. It works for business owners looking to buy goods or supplies from international vendors.

4. Geegpay

Creation fee: $2

Available card: Visa

3D-secure: Yes

Geegpay is best described as the creators’ and freelancers’ virtual banking app. Freelancers wanting to pay for Upwork Connects or receive payments find Geegpay user-friendly. 

The card can be used on any platform that accepts USD bank accounts. Users can instantly create virtual accounts, manage multiple currency wallets, and enjoy zero conversion fees.

5. Grey.co

Creation fee: N2,000

Available card: MasterCard

3D-secure: Yes

The Grey.co virtual card is a Mastercard that lets you pay for things online anywhere in the world. It’s accepted globally and offers features like real-time notifications, card freezing, and two-factor authentication. You don’t need a Grey account to get the card, and it’s issued as a virtual USD Mastercard.

6. Raven Virtual Card

Creation fee: $2

Available card: Visa

3D-secure: N/A

Raven’s virtual card is known for its transparency and affordability, with no hidden fees. You can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted, and it allows for instant transfers from your Raven Pay account​.

So far, there’s no information on the maximum spending or funding limit on the application. The increase in their app signups isn’t just about the seamless transactions their services provide; it’s also about their low exchange rate.

7. Alat Virtual Dollar Card

Creation fee: Free

Available card: Visa/MasterCard

3D-secure: Yes

Wema Bank offers Alat, and you can use the virtual card to make online payments in USD. Please note that your virtual account is not in any way linked to your physical account. The maximum amount of money you can have on your virtual account is N500,000, which can be used for online purchases and payments only.

8. Kuda Bank Virtual Dollar Card

Creation fee: A minimum of N1,000 must be available in your account

Available card: Visa

3D-secure: Yes

As with other virtual cards, you use the Kuda virtual card to make payments online through the USD card issued to you after verification is completed. Most times, Kuda is first linked to a Payoneer or PayPal account to establish an international transaction.

9. Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

Creation fee: $2

Available card: Visa

3D-secure: Yes

Using Fundall to make payments, you get charged a transaction fee of $0.5 on every international payment, and 2% of the amount you intend to load from an external account is sub-charged. They also deduct $1 for your virtual card per month.

What Is the Best Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria?

Determining the best virtual card depends on the purpose of acquiring the card. Preferably, look out for an app where the management team is up-to-date with providing information and solutions. This will help you carry out a seamless transaction and get immediate help when needed.

Are Virtual Cards Free?

From every indication, some virtual cards are free, and some aren’t, but it all depends on your provider of choice. In some cases, some of these providers may charge after the first card issuance to cover their maintenance fee. Some other charges come in the form of conversion rates and transaction fees, so it’s advisable to compare rates across different platforms if possible.

What Is a 3D Secure Card?

The simplest description of a 3D secure card is your OTP, which is required to authenticate a transaction you’re making. The reason is to avoid fraudulent practises by online scammers on your account, hence the need to carry out this verification process. Usually, you get this OTP code via email or SMS.

It’s important that you confirm that your virtual card provider supports 3D security to guarantee the safety of your finances.

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