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Signing out of account, Standby…
Instead of writing posts for the sake of doing so, create something that’ll drive real, meaningful, regular engagement for your brand.
There’s little doubt is the best platform for professional networking, but sometimes getting meaningful engagement out of your posts can feel a bit like a puzzle.
The potential attention is present, as 91% of marketers cite LinkedIn as the best platform for finding professional content related to their field. These aren’t just idle hands either, as four out of five LinkedIn members directly drive businesses decisions and wield 2x the buying power compared to the average web audience.
There’s plenty to be gained from being active on the platform, but to stand out from the pack, you’ll need to follow a few tested tips and tricks. Getting your audience engaged won’t magically happen overnight but as a result of effective action taken over time.
A consistent posting schedule is a foundation upon which the rest of a content strategy can be safely built. Post too little and you’ll get lost in the shuffle; too much and you run the risk of annoying your connections.
Finding that “Goldilocks zone” of just right is the name of the game.
Posting once a week results in a profile receiving four times the number of clicks per share compared to those who do so less frequently. This kind of return is huge for driving engagement, as each post is an opportunity for a connection to interact with you.
Of course, there are limits, and posting multiple times a day can quickly wear out your digital welcome. So ensure each post is quality and gives value first and foremost, but then provide an appropriate amount of spacing between them so they have room to breathe.
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While there’s plenty of success possible with the classic text-only updates, the LinkedIn algorithm these days loves it when users shake up their post format.
In particular, videos have stormed onto the scene over the past couple of years, and this holds true on LinkedIn as video posts receive three times more engagement than text or image-based ones. This means they are far more likely to start a conversation with your audience, which is precisely the kind of result users should seek from their posts.
These don’t have to be full-length feature films either, as 15 seconds or less seems to be the sweet spot for the platform. Crafting short, impactful videos for your brand helps you stand out and serve as a natural springboard for user engagement.
Even the most intriguing post will fail to generate a response if it lacks a call to action. This can be a simple open-ended question at the end of the post like, “What do you think?” Consider it a welcoming mat for users to leave their opinion, and use strong, active verbs here for the best results.
Adding a call to action doesn’t take much, but it’s an essential component of driving engagement with your posts. If you want to maximize the effect of the content you have already decided to create or share, then a call to action is needed in every post.
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Tagging is a powerful tool on LinkedIn, as it can associate your posts with people and organizations from around the world. When done in conjunction with quality content, it creates a web effect that can draw in all kinds of attention from afar.
When creating your post content schedule, add a shortlist section of individuals who would be a good match as a tag. They need to be relevant to the topic of the post and relatively few in number so it doesn’t feel spammy.
A good rule of thumb is that at least 50% of tagged connections respond to the post. If you aren’t hitting this metric, it’s best to rethink your tagging targets and strategy.
LinkedIn rolled out its “Creator Mode” feature in March 2021. Activating it on your profile is an easy way to encourage engagement with your posts.
In essence, it shifts your profile to be more content-focused than the default mode, and it will prominently display your recent posts, associated topics, and a suite of other options. It is designed to build your community more around followers than connection, an audience who is listening and eager to hear from the experts in their field.
It tends to favor those who create their own posts rather than share, so be aware of this change before making the shift. For those looking to become thought leaders in their field, though, it’s an important step that adds legitimacy and reaches a profile.
Driving engagement on LinkedIn might feel like an uphill struggle for some, but once you internalize and act with these simple tips in mind, you’ll be skating along smoothly and gathering up all kinds of valuable connections.
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