3 unique secrets I used to study in Canada for free, get a professional job, and settle down permanently – Guardian Nigeria

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My name is Victor Ola and I’m keenly interested in seeing people achieve their dreams of studying in Canada without writing the IELTS exam and wasting huge money on travel agents to do it for them. I have been in Canada for the past 10 years and I relocated through the study route. There are a few things that have worked for me and my student and I would love to share with you.
Study in Canada for free
To clarify, Canadian colleges and universities don’t offer free education but scholarships. You can get fully or partially funded scholarships if you know how to go about it and that was what I used to complete my undergraduate studies and my post graduate program. That is one of my unique secrets.
Get a professional job
We all know the struggles of getting a job back in Nigeria which is my home country even though I am a Canadian now. However, it is not like that in Canada. For every 15 applications you send, you should get at least 2-5 job offers with the unique way I share with people, which is; using recruitment agencies. Coming from a country like Nigeria where recruitment agencies are not well known, you might think they are scams. I am here to tell you that they are not over here and they are one of your sure bet to landing a professional job as a new immigrant.
Settle down permanently
9 out of 10 people that are going to study or work in Canada are planning to settle down there permanently. Who doesn’t like good things? I am a proud Canadian citizen and I can boldly say that the best ways to settle down here permanently is to look for ways to stay longer, while you apply to become a permanent resident. That means if you are coming to Canada for study, you should choose a course or college that has longer years, like 18 months to 3 years; then get a good job for your post study work permit and make sure you comply with the Canadian government rules.
There is a limit to what I can share with you here. You can join my free webinar where I will be talking more on how to relocate to Canada with your family, without writing IELTS or wasting huge money using a travel agent and many more. Click here to know more.
The TRAINING will show you most Reliable and Shortest Way To Live, Study and Work Permanently in Canada without writing IELTS exam or paying huge money to Travel Agent
All your questions and concerns about this reliable pathway will be answered in the Video class so watch till the end because you’ll get my WhatsApp number. Click here to know more. https://noieltstocanada.com/
This will work for you only if you are between Age 18 to 50. You need minimum of WAEC/NECO/ND/NCE/KCSE/Grade 12 or equivalent as minimum requirement.
You don’t need WES evaluation or any form of ECA for this Study-Work-Permanent Residence Pathway and you don’t need to know someone in Canada. Join my webinar training now by clicking here.
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