13 Pictures to Remind You How Much Swag Old Nigerians Had – Zikoko

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There’s no way to fake good swagger. As the saying goes, “if it didn’t dey, then it didn’t dey”. Nigeria has always had it in abundance, and these pictures from the old times prove it:
via Nigerian Nostalgia Project
Lagos babes have been putting us on high tension since wayback.
via Nairaland
A dapper Hausa man wielding his sword.
via Nairaland
This queen must have pressed a lot of necks.
via Neusroom
That’s a lot of royal drip.
via Afrodandy
Look at those shoes!
via Afrodandy
He knew exactly what he was doing posing like that.
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via Nigerian Nostalgia Project
A king doing king things.
via Nigerian Nostalgia Project
Do you see our point? The drip is eternal.
via Afrodandy
We know a political campaign photo when we see one.
via S.O Alonge
We can only imagine what this man was up to in his time.
via Lithub
Look at those accessories!
via Nigerian Nostalgia Project
Steve Harvey is shaking right now.
via Wikimedia
He definitely made Jimmy Carter look like he was photobombing.
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